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Are your gutters covered by a guarantee?
All new continuous rain gutters are covered by a 50-year manufacturer’s paint warranty – the best in the business. Additionally, all work completed by Pizzitola Guttering Company is covered by a full-year service guarantee.
Do I have to be there when you come by to give an estimate or install the gutters?
No, no one needs to be present at either.
How are the gutters installed?
Pizzitola Gutter Company will come to your home or multi-residential with all the materials and machinery required to install, clean, or repair your seamless aluminum gutters. We will install them by using a hidden hanger secured to the fascia board. The downspouts are hung by straps with hidden nails that keep them against the wall. Pizzitola Guttering will ensure that your gutters are properly hung and sloped so rainwater is directed towards the downspouts, and we will determine the best direction for the runoff.
How do continuous rain gutters differ from traditional sectional gutters?
Continuous rain gutters are one continual aluminum piece sized to the length of an entire fascia board of a residence. Since there are no seams, or breaks, there is no place where water can leak through. This is why these aluminum gutters have become so popular.

Traditional gutters snap together with connectors and usually come in 10-12 foot sections, which over time can deteriorate or allow movement where water can leak through, causing water damage and rot around your home.

Continuous rain gutters are extruded onsite, customized to the size of your house.

Each section of seamless gutter has a small section where it is joined at the inside and outside corner, and these points are screwed together and sealed with silicone. Each new installation is backed with a full-year service warranty so you will have a worry-free experience.
How long does it take to install my gutters?
It depends on the scope of the job but you can expect anywhere from a half of day to full day for a resident of an average size.
How long will my gutters last?
With proper upkeep and care, your gutters should last the life span of the home.
How often should I get my gutters cleaned?
It depends on what type of trees you have in your yard and how many. If you have oak trees, about twice a year. Pine trees can cause a continuous problem so cleaning up to three to four times a year might be necessary. Your best solution to a maintenance-free care is to cover your rain gutters with gutter guards.
What gutter colors are available?
Pizzitola Gutter Company offers a wide range of rain gutter colors – so you can customize your new aluminum rain gutters to match the personality of your home or property.
What happens to my old gutters – do I have to dispose of them?
You will be ensured that once a job is complete Pizzitola Guttering will remove all debris, including the gutters, leaving your residence looking spotless.
What is the advantage in having gutter guards?
Gutter guards have multiple advantages, including some of the below:

Keeping gutters from clogging
Saving time in having to maintain it yourself
Safety by not having to get up on high ladders to clean
What size downspout do you carry?
We carry two sizes. One 2x3 foot downspout that carries 700 square feet of water. Or we carry a 3x4 foot downspout, that we recommend because it carries 1,100 square feet of water.
What size gutters do you carry?
We carry both 5” and 6” alumimum seamless gutters.
What’s the best way to get an estimate?
You can fill out our easy online free estimate form, call us at (713) 681-8600, or visit the contact us page for additional contact methods.
When should I consider replacing my gutters?
If your home has any of the following you may want to replace your rain gutters:

Clogged downspouts
Sagging or poorly pitched gutters
Erosion around flower beds and perimeter
Build-up of water around foundation
Concrete cracking

It is recommended that you have a professional examine your gutter system to determine whether you need your current system repaired or a new continuous gutter installation.
Why should I choose Pizzitola Gutter Company?
Pizzitola Gutter Company has over 38 years of experience, a full-year service guarantee, and dedicated employees who are committed to providing you with a quality experience and craftsmanship.

By extrading aluminum gutter on site, we can ensure that your new gutters fit your home perfectly, and by using quality products your new gutters will look great, and protect your home for many years to come.