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Rain Gutter Guards

Protect Your Gutters with Gutter Guards

Gutter guards work by shielding the top of your gutter while leaving room for water to enter, eliminating the need for you to have to do hazardous cleaning. Leaves, pine needles, twigs and other large debris cannot enter the gutter; this prevents clogs and ensures that debris cannot damage your gutter improve the current curb appeal of your home or multi-family residence

Our Selection of Gutter Guards

Hallet Gutter Cover®

Hallet Gutter Cover®

We carry a large selection of rain gutter protection systems from some of the nation’s most trustworthy brands. Each system is provided in a variety of colors to match your current rain gutters and includes a manufacturer’s product warranty.


Hallett Gutter Cover® is a one-piece design that allows only water to enter the gutter by surface tension and electromagnetic attraction.


This industry leading provider of rain gutter products offers a full line of quality rain gutter guards for residences, including the following product lines:

E-Z Cover

Senox has a complete line of E-Z Cover products in a variety of designs, which permits water to enter the gutter, while allowing leaves and debris to flow over the top, reducing maintenance and ensuring a long life for gutters, roofs and facia.

Senox Roll Lock

Senox Leaf Roll Lock

Leaf Roll Lock

One of the most popular gutter protection products, this PVC coated steel screen material can mount easily on existing gutters or new installations to prevent clogging with leaves and debris.

Senox Perf Lock Gutter Guard

Senox Perf Lock

Perf Lock

Black painted aluminum, the Perf Lock easily snaps into place and doesn’t disturb the shingles during installations.

Tiger Guard

Available in black painted aluminum or galvalume or copper plus,the Tiger Guard’s unique front lip design helps prevent unwanted tiger striping.And, it’s unique slitted hole design allows for rain to slip in while keeping leaves out.

Senox Tiger Gutter Guard

Senox Tiger Guard

With a rain gutter protection system in place your gutters will remain free of clogs and you will enjoy peace of mind with virtually maintenance-free gutters.

How Do I Get Gutter Guards?

Pizzitola Guttering is licensed to install the full range of gutter protection systems for homes in Houston and multi-family residences throughout Texas. All products we install are backed by a full-year service warranty to ensure your satisfaction. In addition, each gutter guard provides an additional manufacturer’s warranty. Fill out a free online estimate form to get a no-obligation quote on a professional gutter guard installation, or contact us at (713) 681-8600 to schedule an appointment.